The Marketing Mastermind for Businesses on Groupon

Actionable marketing for businesses that rely too heavily on discounted Groupon traffic.

I help Service, Entertainment, and Educational businesses find money you didn’t know existed so you can increase revenue faster while you keep running your business. Implement the ideas yourself or use a junior marketer or freelancer. 

You can only join if you can answer “yes” to at least one of these statements:
  • Do you rely on Groupon to provide the majority of your business (scary)?
  • Are you losing thousands of dollars in revenue because you don’t offer a simple upsell?
  • Is business starting to slow because your Groupon category is getting less popular?
  • Customers don’t come back and you want to get more value after the first sale.
Too much reliance on a single source of revenue is dangerous. You are smart and have ideas but getting started can be daunting when you’re running the business. I work with you to increase revenue outside of Groupon.
The goal is to put me out of a job. Increasing your revenue and helping you feel confident so your business succeeds. 
I am not the person that will implement the ideas we discuss but instead will suggest the resources, help you with strategy and keep you accountable to your goals. This keeps the cost of the strategy low. 
This group gives you the ideas, support, structure, and accountability to grow your business and feel confident in your marketing. 
This isn’t theory, these are practical ways to grow your business.

What to Expect from This Mastermind

After signing up below and reserving your spot we will meet on a video call to learn more about your business, your struggles, and your goals. 
You will then get access to a private online group with myself and the other business owners where you can ask questions about problems you are currently facing.  
We will have two, 90 minute video conference meetings each month to discuss solutions to your current challenges as well as discuss a monthly topic to grow your revenue. Monthly topics are chosen by the group to decide where we should spend our time. You will receive some questions and sometimes homework to help think through it before we meet. 
Some example topics:  
  • Creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities to boost revenue immediately. 
  • Project prioritization…plugging the biggest holes first to increase revenue.
  • How to offer a premium customer experience to justify a premium price.
  • Differentiating your offer from similar competitors. 
  • Building a recurring revenue offering (predictable monthly revenue).
  • How to outsource (and when not to).
  • How to make full use of customer service. 
  • User experience (offline and online).
Special Guest Experts 
We will regularly have guest experts who will join our discussion and weigh in on the topic. 

When, Where and How Does This Group Meet?

 The group meets online over video conference. The call will be recorded and provided to all the members for future reference. 
The group will decide the most convenient time. To start we will do the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 9am CST. Meetings are 90 minutes long to give you time to ask questions. 
You can also get advice and speak to the group through a closed Slack channel just for our small group.  

What's the Commitment?

Hiring an in-house marketing coordinator is a big commitment at $4,600 month. 
My monthly, high touch, one-on-one consulting is limited and ranges from $1,500-$3,500 a month.
This group however, allows any business owner an experienced and affordable marketing resource.
Need just a little help to get you started? Join for 1-3 months and get on track. 
Want to have a longterm solution? Stay as long as you like and keep your original price. 
This group is limited to only 3-5 business owners to keep the discussion focused on your questions. 
New members can join each month.

What People Say About Working with Me

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    Jason looks holistically at your business to decide the areas that need improvement. He does not simply suggest generic solutions or jump right to spending on advertising. I appreciated that he did not want to spend a dime in advertising while we had some major leaks to fix in the business. All of his marketing suggestions track back to increasing revenue or decreasing loss. We decreased canceled classes by 788% and increased the revenue per guest by 5% while working with Jason. Highly recommend. 

    Chris Muylle
    CEO, Painting and Vino

    Jason is a multi-talented marketer and manager who helped our company dramatically expand our digital marketing and sales efforts. He is sales-focused, ensuring that any marketing activity he implements shows its impact on sales. He is a creative strategist and problem-solver, knowing that not every problem can be solved with a Google search. Jason has a bias for action, yet is goal oriented. He first engages with company leadership to understand the objective, in order to better propose a solution most likely to achieve it. Jason is a man of many interests and passions, both personally and professionally, which help make him an effective leader and teammate.

    Jamon Heller
    Director of Ecommerce , HALO Branded Solution

    Not only is Jason an innovative thinker, but he is also great at building meaningful personal and business relationships. Jason represents someone that cares not only about his own success but about the success of each person he interacts with. During the time I spent working with Jason I learned a great deal about many different facets related to running a successful business.

    Ryan Moran
    Senior Client Development Manager, PreScouter

The Marketing Confidence Guarantee

If you don’t understand after the first month one strategy that will lead to revenue growth you are excited about I will get on a one-hour call with you to make a personalized plan to get you feeling confident and excited.

Join today and your monthly price stays the same.

Current price: $450

A Few Reasons to Consider Me

  • Started a company in 2011 helping local businesses escape the deep discounting model of Groupon while building stronger brands. 
  • Currently lead marketing strategy for global creative marketplace, crowdspring. 
  • Worked with Painting and Vino in the “Paint and Sip” industry to turn around their 5+ years of deep discounting. 
  • Author of the book Get The Job available in paperback, Kindle and Audible versions. 
  • IRONMAN athlete (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). I’ve got grit.